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My wife and I moved to Bay area from Philadelphia 2 years ago and my company had paid for 1 week for us to come out and find a place to live.  Being that we were from Philly, we were used to living in a home didn't want to downgrade to apartment, but the rental market is extremely competitive.  Cathy worked so hard for us in that week, where we ended up bidding against other potential renters!  This is something that is unheard of on the East Coast.  But we ended up getting a perfect little house in Walnut Creek that was well within our budget and we had a couple days to spare!

With how much effort Cathy put into helping us with the rental and how little she would get paid for it, we easily knew that if we were to buy a house in the area, we would be going straight back to her.  2 years later, our landlord decided that they were going to move back into their house and gave us notice to end our lease.  We called Cathy that very day, worked with her recommended mortgage company (alameda mortgage) and had pre-approval within a week.  We then had offers in on several houses, which again ended up in a bidding situation, but Cathy and Kari managed to put us in a great position to win the bid on the perfect house.  4 weeks later, we were homeowners.  

Both Cathy and Kari are genuinely the nicest people you will meet.  They will work their tails off to get you what you want and it is very nice having a team instead of a single person.  If one had a prior commitment, the other would take over and get things done. You cannot go wrong with Cathy and Kari!  Thank you so much, we love our new home!!!

Steve & Connie Artz 11/14/12


When I decided to sell my home I Interviewed three Real Estate agents, all with different brokerages. I strongly felt Cathy and Kari were the best choice to represent me with the sale of my home. My instinct told me they were good people, and I was right. They were very personable, caring, professional, hardworking and patient. Within 2 weeks they had found a buyer for my home.
With Kari's help, I had already found the home I wanted to buy. It was a foreclosure; she negotiated a great deal. Kari also had the Bank pay $10,000 for my closing costs! I was extremely happy with the my results using Cathy & Kari with J. Rockcliff Realtors.

Ava Huerta   San Ramon CA 3/6/12


I apologize in advance for the length of this review. I just can't say enough nice things about Kari and her partner (and mom), Cathy. We worked mostly with Kari, but we also spent an afternoon or two looking at houses with Cathy and she was great. They are a remarkable, extremely professional team.

I think buying a new house is a stressful experience for just about everyone. And it was stressful for us too. We didn't start looking for a new place until our old one had sold - and we were going to be living with my parents until we got into a new house. So we really wanted to find the right house as quickly as possible. And Kari? Made the entire experience SO much easier.

I found "The Deans" by Googling realtors in Pleasanton. I liked that they were local and they KNOW Pleasanton. I filled out a form on their website (I wanted to see some of their listings) and that day, Kari called to touch bases with me. I told her I'd call after we sold our house and the day we accepted an offer, I called Kari. She called me back a few hours later and we talked for about 30 minutes. Kari asked a lot of questions about our wants and needs and right away she sent me a list of homes for us to look at. We met up a few days later to tour the houses. She stuck to our wants and needs while we were looking. That was important to us - we didn't want to feel we were being pushed into something too much. We were never shown a house that was out of our price range or was smaller than we said we wanted or in a neighborhood we were adamantly against living in (not that there were a lot of those). Neither my husband nor I ever felt pressured to rush through a house or make a decision. She was patient, open, fun to spend time with, she readily answered any and all of our questions and she knows what she's doing. She was also easy to get in touch with whenever I needed to ask her something - phone, text or email - she always got back to me fast.

And she went above and beyond regularly. For example, we made an offer on a house a day before Kari was leaving town for the weekend. She worked until after midnight putting the offer together and then spent her weekend "off" talking to our loan agent, the listing agent for the house we made the offer on and touching bases with us. She didn't have much of a weekend away. Thankfully we didn't get that house - Kari showed us the house we purchased about a week or two later. And she was wonderful help when it came to the home we did end up purchasing too. She would come by and pick up paperwork that needed to be signed late at night (I'd leave it in the mailbox) or early in the morning so that I wouldn't have to pack up my two kids and drive to her office to drop them off. When it came to inspections for our house, I had no idea what companies to use - Kari made all the phone calls & set up all of our inspections. Whenever she could, she went out of her way for us.

She even came by to check up on how we were doing after we were all moved in. And she's still answering questions for us. I called her a few weeks ago for a friend and she came by the house to drop off information about restructuring a loan so I could pass it along. She's just great.

I'm so, so very happy that we picked Kari as our realtor. She's good people and she knows her business. If I'm ever in the position of buying or selling property in this area, you can bet I'm calling her. And I will happily recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. Working with Kari was an absolute pleasure

As a first time homebuyer, I had no idea what the whole process was like. Kari was great about making sure I knew what was next and what needed to be done. She was very patient with my grandmother ( who bought the place for me and wanted to see it every couple days). We were able to get a great deal on the place and close in around 2 weeks. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends when they go to purchase their first homes! So happy that I was able to find her and my perfect condo, could not be any happier with the place and price we got! Thanks for all your help Kari! 

Dawn Musil Pleasanton CA 2/25/12

As a first time homebuyer, I had no idea what the whole process was like. Kari was great about making sure I knew what was next and what needed to be done. She was very patient with my grandmother ( who bought the place for me and wanted to see it every couple days). We were able to get a great deal on the place and close in around 2 weeks. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends when they go to purchase their first homes! So happy that I was able to find her and my perfect condo, could not be any happier with the place and price we got! Thanks for all your help Kari! 

Lauren Nicholson   Walnut Creek  CA 1/23/12


Cathy Dean & Kari Wahl represented my wife, Pat & I as the sellers of our property at 555 YVR in Walnut Creek. Through their expertise, they were able to facilitate the process of negotiation on behalf of both buyer and seller. Their performance in consideration of our present economy was outstanding & is much appreciated. I would highly recommend Cathy & Kari as your Realtor!

Dave & Pat Lordon   Walnut Creek CA 1/23/12

Being a first time homebuyer, my mortgage consultant recommended Cathy & Kari for their great customer service and overall customer satisfaction.  Cathy and Kari have a lot of experience and are very knowledgeable of the market as well as specializing is the neighborhood in the East Bay that I was most interested in.  Any question I had was answered very thoroughly, regardless what time of day.  I put in an offer on this short sale in the beginning of May and closed just 1 week ago! I thought the process was going to be much more stressful then it was. Cathy and Kari handled everything so professionally it went very smooth.  I couldn't have closed in such a timely manner if it weren't for Cathy & Kari’s persistence.  I was very happy and impressed with the quick turnaround. They were a true pleasure to work with.  Both Cathy and Kari are very personable and responsive, so buying my first home seemed so easy!  I would recommend Cathy & Kari to any one of my relatives and close friends.  I trust that she will find a great suitable home for anyone looking.

Diana Brooks  Pleasanton  9/16/11


Cathy & Kari: Genuine Customer service and technology to back it up.  These gals have a great website!  Their search engine is intuitive, powerful, and I kept coming back to it in my quest for a home.  I learned about their website from a For Sale sign.  I received friendly, sincere customer service.  The win win thing came through in a big way.  Five star recommendation. Realtor Reviews

David Flomar   Danville CA 7/14/11


Cathy, I have to say that it was a wonderful day for me when I walked into your open house at Kildara and was so fortunate to have met you. I am very fortunate to have had you on my side helping (actually doing) with all the real estate transactions that we have gone through. You are very honest and compassionate about your real-estate sales career and go above and beyond the call of your profession to diligently seek out answers for your very fortunate clients. Cathy you are really like part of my family and we will entrust you with our important moves for years to come. 

Thanks Cathy and Kari!  We LOVE our home, best decision we ever made, thanks to both of you for even making the impossible possible.  Now to work your MAGIC on Peppertree.  If anyone can sell it for the price we need to see it at, it's the 2 of you.  :)

 Mark and Heather Simone   Dublin 10/21/10

Kari was wonderful with the purchase of my home... and very patient with all of my endless questions! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She went above and beyond the call of duty for me.

Heather Dodson  Concord 2010

  Cathy and her team walked my wife and I through the process of purchasing our first home in Livermore. She graciously answered any and all of our questions from the time we enlisted her services to start the search, to the time we signed off on the loan. She made sure she had a good idea of what we were looking for, focused on the areas we were targeting, kept us up to date on any offers we placed, and did everything she could to ensure the loan approval and purchase process was completed in a timely manner. We would definitely utilize her services again. Realtor Reviews

Chris R Livermore 7/23/10 

                                                                                                                                    This mother, daughter team is UNBEATABLE!.  
A few years ago Cathy sold me my third home in California. As someone who has past real estate sales experience I would say that Cathy is the most knowledgeable Real Estate professional I have ever known. She is relentless in her search to match seller or buyer to the best terms possible for any transaction. She is  definitely someone you want on your side during these difficult times. This mother-daughter team should be your realtors of choice for life.

Don Decker  Pleasanton CA 


The Deans of Real Estate are GREAT! 
Kari and Cathy helped me buy my new condo in Walnut Creek and got me a great deal. 
The closing costs were much lower than I expected and they found me a place with all my specific requirements very seamlessly. I would recommend them to anyone and will be using them for all my bay area real estate purchases and sales.

Jeremy Raymer  Dublin CA 1/29/09


Cathy and Kari are the most dedicated professional and ethical agents I have ever known. I have worked with them and have used them for my own personnel real estate needs. It is hard to find agents as passionate as they are about what they do. They truly do have their client’s best interest at heart.  Cathy & Kari make you feel as if you are their most important client and spend as much time with you as you need. They helped me buy and sell my first home. Their response time was impeccable. When you call they will answer or get back to you very quickly, and that is a great feeling. They were patient and diligent in finding me the right home. My offer was chosen in a multiple offer situation.  When I later listed that home with Cathy & Kari, they obtained on offer above the asking price. They go above the call of duty. I highly recommend you use them and refer them for all real estate transactions; they will exceed your expectations! Realtor Reviews

 Yvette Martinez  Pleasant Hill CA 5/5/05


 We have bought several properties in the last year through Kari and Cathy. Our experience using their real estate services was great. They were very helpful, provided great service and acted as true caring and friendly professionals.Working as a team, they have provided great service to us at every step of our purchasing process. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who has any need for residential purchases. Realtor Reviews 

Dr.  Herman Suryoutomo   Fremont CA  7/31/09 


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